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The World's leading Micromalting System has been re-designed to ensure its status is maintained into the 21st century.
Simplicity of operation and reliability have been further enhanced.

In use by Barley Researchers, Barley breeders and Brewers throughout the world for over 20 years,
Phoenix Biosystems takes pride in our customer support, backup and the longevity of our products.

Traditional benefits of our system:

The latest system has some major changes to the controls, refrigeration system, heat exchanger and water circulation systems.
The benefits are:
The embedded controller provides reliable digital control technology, without being dependent on a host PC for operation.
The controller is integrated into the machine top panel, providing local control and all information at a glance.
Connection of a monitoring PC offers many benefits to the user such as remote operation and monitoring via internet,
data logging of the status of the machine throughout the malt run, storage of the malt programs
with upload / download to the machine controller and export of data for reporting and quality management.

Full specification is available upon request.
 Click here to download free demonstration software!!!