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Phoenix has always taken the approach of using embedded controllers is our products.
Embedded products offer high reliability, immunity to power disturbances and reliable recovery from power failures.
Using an embedded controller allows us to design custom software for each application, allowing greater flexibility
in meeting specialist requirements, over off the shelf industrial products.

Please contact us to discuss your application.  Some of the features are listed below.


User Interface and Data Entry
Menu driven via LCD Display and Tactile or touch-screen keypad with addressable Soft-Keys.

Unique software such as pre-emptive control in greenhouse applications enables operational trends to be optimised
from external sources e.g. weather-station data.  All software is specially developed for each application and upgradeable via flash.

Embedded non-volatile memory, allowing the permanent storage of vital parameters, e.g. set-up information, pin codes,
telephone numbers, power recovery data etc. 

Software features coded access to different user levels, e.g. users have coded access to Setup and Run/Stop sections.
Managers and technical staff have access to configuration and test sections of software.

Controller provides both RS232 and RS485, bluetooth and ethernet communications ports. Remote control via internet host.

Data Logging and Display
Controller can be connected via multidrop loops or ethernet to a Windows based monitoring P.C.  This allows:

Battery Backup
The system RAM is battery backed, enabling the system to recover from power failures without loss of data in critical applications.

Software monitoring ensures all equipment recovers in safe-state from power failures etc. and provides multi-level alarms on local and remote stations.

Many other features are application specific.