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Lighting Systems
Microprocessor control of 'PAR' intensity incl. dimming, lamp raise and lower, diurnal variation, logging to database,
om designed aluminum electromechanical elements incorporating wiring and controls.

Temperature Control
Fully integrated system incorporating closed loop glycol based cooling, ambient monitoring, energy optimization via
weatherstation controlling multispeed fans and modulation control systems maintaining S.P. temperatures
at minimum air velocities < 0.3m/sec. ramping and other emulation functions fully programmable by user.

Benches and Flooring
Custom designed all stainless steel to provide optimal air flow uniformity and complete corrosion resistance.

Energy Management
Computer controlled energy optimization provides up to 40% energy cost savings compared with other available
controlled environment systems.

All 'CER's' incorporate high level air filtration, easy service access, multiple configuration capability, 
high reflectivity interiors, precision platinum temperature and solid state humidity sensors, microprocessor based controller,
programmable multi-level alarm system and remote monitoring/control via modem.