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All Stainless Steel construction allowing excellent internal hygiene, extreme durability and corrosion resistance,
special internal high reflection panels for uniform light distribution.
Filtered air circulation system to prevent the ingress of bacteriological, fungal and insect contaminants during normal operation.
Positively pressurised growth areas to prevent unfiltered air entering cabinet when doors opened.

plant growht cabinetpgrowth_cabinet

Embedded multifunction controller with:

HPS and Metal Halide lighting systems giving excellent spectral qualities for plant growth and very high efficiency.
High 'PAR' levels to enable true photosynthetic studies.
Each bay, Internal size: 1040 wide x 800 deep x 1520 high (mm)  Overall: 1100 wide x 920 deep x 1850 high (mm) ( not including lighting above )
Easy access to services for inspection and maintenance.
Internal shelving allowing multiple, adjustable shelves per bay with optional under-shelf fluorescent lighting.
Cabinets can be arranged in single or multiple bay installations. For mulit-bay sites, the cooling system
can be located remotely, reducing noise and heat in laboratory environments.


A tissue culture variant is available with vertical side slighting and up to 8 shelves per bay

tissue culture cabtissue culture cabinet